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The "Brown Sugar Ombre Effect" presented inside each cup of our signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk is named our 'happiness pattern' by Xing Fu Tang's founder, Edison Chen. Xing Fu means 'happiness' in Chinese. This is the warm-hearted, true story of Xing Fu Tang’s founder. “I was brought up by my grandparents in Chiayi. I still remember they loved me and had my best interests at heart when they cooked stir-fried brown sugar for me as a traditional snack. The recipe is a Chen family secret. Once, the brown sugar became overcooked when my grandma was distracted by her naughty grandson while taking care of me. Unexpectedly, the flavor of the brown sugar became richer and more aromatic. The visually-appealing brown sugar ombré effect first formed when my grandma poured it into a cup. This 'Xing Fu' pattern symbolizes the love of my grandma and family happiness. Chen’s distinct brown sugar flavor leaves a fragrant scent after finishing a cup, an experience you can only get at Xing Fu Tang

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